The Flower Girl

Hey there!

An exciting day it is! I have so many things to share with you guys.
We women are nature’s delicate creation, a sweet combination of beauty and trenchancy. So for the day 1 of my blogging, I bring you the most easiest and yet the timeless style statement. Catch anyone’s fancy with such floral dress and pair it with sweet heels in summer forenoons or garden parties or even at a girls day-out 😉

To me, this dress was love at first sight- it’s floral print and delicate fabric. Trust me! The feeling was no less than a princess’s. So I paired it with red pumps and clutch to give a perfect summer look and added a pop of pink lip colour for a day-out long plans.

Psst! Checkout my dear friend Paul Morris under ‘Moda’s Squad’. He is the man behind the camera.
Have a beautiful day everyone and remember! –There is a love story between a girl and her dress

Happy dressing!
Much Love X

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Alpha Woman

Hello Everyone!

Shooting for this post was very challenging as it is difficult for me to give serious expressions.Well this was an indoor shoot in natural light done by my sister who is a business woman and a photographer based in Dubai.This shoot reflects a different side of a woman who is delicate but powerful, calm but dominant, composed but passionate or simply call her the Alpha Woman.For this bold look I chose a basic top from H&M and leggings from M&S, combined it with a brown lipstick and smudged eye makeup.

Find more about my sibling photographer at:

I believe I did justice to this theme, I hope you like this post!

Happy Dressing! #modaonthego
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An Alpha Female

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