White Trail Top

My shopping for India has already begun and I cannot wait to be home.
The day before my shopping day I always keep in my mind what to buy for my mum, dad, brother and sisters. I never ever put my name in the list. But but but! We women never ever I mean NEVER EVER stop doing shopping for ourself. I always end up buying stuff for myself and this whole outfit is one of those outcome 😀
The other day after shopping for my everyone I went to pick some small things from Topshop and eventually I saw this white beautiful trail top hanging. I couldn’t resist to stopping myself from buying as I want to get that feeling of Christian Brida (at least la bit) 😛
Tulle skirts, Cinderella dresses, trail tops are all my weakness.

The quality, unique design and that feeling are worth of the money. I must say trail of this top is perfectly designed and it falls at the right places. You can wear this for a lunch, dinner or parties.
It makes you stand out more.

I teamed this top with a cute shorts from Zara for a lunch to brighten up my look a bit and to keep it classy.
Lastly, to match my clothes, my heels are from the new look and sling bag from marks and spencers.

I feel like wearing this top and running around Santorini in Greece :))

Let me know how you would style this top ladies.
Till then I am shopping  for my FAMILY not for me 😀


Sam x


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Autumn Palette

Hello Everyone,

It’s time to say good bye to our sweet summer time and say hello to beautiful Autumn.Oh! How I missed wearing trench coats, bold scarves, boots and gloves. Finally! I am so excited to show how ‘summer fell for fall’. Strolling around streets of London with Starbucks in my hand and my best friend next to me we ended up at Fashion street.

Well, I prefer wearing warm colours during this season and ombre is always my first choice. I picked this skater skirt from New look along with these amazing leather gloves which I had been searching for long. Their autumn palette is amazing. Guys do check it out! 🙂
That bracelet is from a flee-night Kiaosk from Select CityWalk,New Delhi.  My super comfy basic t-shirt is from Primark which is one of the must-haves of this season. It really simplifies layering of winter wear apparels. Jackets, from comfortable gilets to big, bold snow jackets which makes every fashion lover look double their size are the essentials of the wardrobe. Furs have always been a style statement that is known to add a class to whatever one wears. And so, to enhance that foxy look, I slipped on my TK Max  fur- along with ankle boots from Dorothy Perkins. The new beauty trend is Ombre lip color which I picked from Rimmel to amp my look and then, I was done for the day!
Have a great weekend lovelies.
Much Love
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