Let’s Get Lost In Dubai


I have been thinking long and hard about this blog and how to jot down the most amazing trip that’s why it took me a month to get this one live.

A lot of you thought that I already visited Dubai before as my sisters live there, but no this was my first visit (I know it’s terrible) I always preferred going to India whenever I get time. So, this year, our family gathered in Dubai for holidays.
Before flying to Dubai I was bit spectacle about this place and I always thought desert, scorching hot weather and bit backward. But my misconception was totally gone when I stayed there. Now I can say Dubai is one of the beautiful places I have ever been to. Their architecture, skyscrapers, and exquisite work can be seen everywhere. The main city is extremely modern but there are few places which you can say ‘old Dubai’ to enjoy an old bit of Dubai. Coming to the main issue which we all hear that women need to be all covered, but this is absolutely not true. Dubai is as modern as Singapore and London. Being modern city, Dubai adapted the western trend and accepted global fashion on a vast scale. But of course, there are few areas where you have to be a bit careful in what you wear.



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Now coming to my stay, it was a very short trip so I have to utilize every minute of it. My day one in Dubai started with shopping. I was carrying fewer dresses and before flying from London I planned to buy summer dresses from Dubai itself as the weather in the UK changed and so does the collections in store.

Next day after strolling around mall of the emirates and having dinner somewhere around the Burj al-Khalifa we ended up watching mesmerizing fountain dance and laser show. I always heard about it, but how beautiful it is the one can only feel when they visit.

dubai dubai
It would be a blunder to leave this emirate without experiencing a desert safari. So our most exciting part of the trip started from day three. It kicked off from having heavy brunch in American diner Ihop. Oh man, oh man. Their pancakes are HEAVEN.
After that, we headed towards our pick up point  for desert safari which was near to Lulu mall next to mall of the emirates. Our driver was not that fast the way we thought so it took us around 45 minutes to reach the point where our safari jeeps were waiting to take us in the interior near to the camp, which was our destination but before that we have to get on the jeep which was deflated to handle the bumpy terrain. We were in a 4×4 van which can accommodate 6 people including the driver. In the beginning, the terrain was not that bumpy, but as you go deeper the wilder the drive becomes literally your butt will be floating a few inches above the seat. You have to hold your seat tight and strap yourself in. After a good 15 minutes of the crazy drive, we reached near to our camp and headed straight for the quad bikes which I must say was way too pricey because of touristy place make sure to bargain. At first, they gave us the cost 200 AED (pp) for 20 minutes which is a way to expensive. After a lot of pressure, we settled on 150 AED for half an hour. It was worth it in the end as we had our lifetime experience riding on those terrains in between massive sand dunes was just like a dream.
The sun was already set when we came back so I had difficulty taking pictures of the camp.

At this point, I felt I was stepping into one of those desert stories. There is a long table set along with carpets and cushions. In the middle of the camp, there was a stage. There are booths/ huts for drinks, food, one for henna and open air Sheesha place. Dinner was amazing they had a shish kebab to samosa and pasta. The best was barbecued lamb and chicken. Soon after the dinner, the stage was set with two sets of dancers man and women. My favourite was a fire drill. The way he was playing with fire is astonishing (I will post the video on my Instagram). And of course, the belly dancer who captured all the attention of males in the camp.
What a way to end the most beautiful day!

I must say the desert safari is the most authentic thing Dubai can offer and you must visit if you are around.

dubai dubai  dubai dubai dubai dubai dubai dubai

Moving on to our other days we stayed indoors during noon time as the weather was really warm. On day three we went to Jumeirah beach with our all beach essential and of course, the highest SPF sunscreen is a must. I have been to lots of beaches in the UK, but the best part of Dubai beach is that they are sand beaches and water is warm, unlike the UK. So if you a person like me who hates cold water then you must dip into Dubai beaches.

dubai dubai dubai dubai dubai dubai dubai

Later in the evening we went for a few drinks to the 43 four points at the Sheraton and the view was shockingly beautiful. So if you are looking for a nice chilled out place, then this is it.

dubai dubai

Where have my rest days gone? In malls, restaurants, driving around marina bay and walking in the evening to the most happening places i.e JBR walk. If you want to see an expensive car in one go then do visit here during eve time and enjoy the view 😉

dubai dubai dubai dubai dubai dubai  dubai img_7424 dubai
To mention, a day before my flight to London I visited my favourite American diner- Buffalo wings. Their wings are heaven on earth.


Ok, now I am hungry! Speak to you guys later…

Here are a few of the pictures…


dubai dubai dubai dubai dubaidubai dubai dubai


Marvel of The Taj Mahal

My first visit to Taj Mahal was when I was 12. At that time Taj Mahal was not as one of seven wonders of the world. But now I am back after a while and visited Taj Mahal as the seven wonders of the world. How amazing is that?
I am all grown up  and so does everything in this city which we call as Agra where Taj Mahal is situated. Before reaching there I was thinking Agra exactly same the way it was before. I was so so so wrong. The city is bigger, better, greener and easily connected. We drove from New Delhi to Agra via Taj express highway it took us approximate 3 hours to reach there. You can go by train, bus or cab. Make sure you hire a commercially registered taxi.
The Taj Mahal is open from sunrise to sunset.

The brief synthesis about the Taj Mahal, which is a proud symbol of India.
Taj Mahal was built in 1648 AD by Shah Jahan in the memory of his beloved wife Mumtaz Mahal. That’s why this is taken as a love symbol across the world. Its recognized architectonic beauty has a rhythmic combination of solids and voids, concave and convex and light, shadow; such as arches and domes further increases the aesthetic aspect.
The best month to visit Taj Mahal is August or September but I visited in June and I couldn’t handle the 46 degrees Celsius temperature that day.

To keep myself cool, cozy and trendy I wore a long white dress from Mango. Which is super soft and the thread work in the front has been just amazing. This dress is so flowy that it helped me from the heats. I have been to other shops for the dresses, but couldn’t find anything suitable for this place.
I tried to give indo-western look to my shoot so I wore big red ‘Bindi’ which is a typical symbol of Indian women. Normally Bindi is worn by married Hindu women but now as time has change young girls started wearing this before marriages. They come in various size, shape and colors.

I hope some of you must be planning for Taj Mahal and why not? Lately Kate Middleton and Prince William paid a visit then why not you?  If you are heading towards north of India now you know which place is a must visit. I would suggest a day visit is good for the Taj Mahal.

Here is the direct link which will assist you in planning your trip to this wonder of the world : http://www.tajmahal.gov.in/

So here are a few pictures from my trip.

I hope you like my whole indo-western look.


Sam x

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Nazakat- Indian Diaries

It’s just a week since I came back from India and you all must have clearly noticed that I am still not out of my holiday moods. :/
As this is my home country so I thought to show my western crowd little bit Indian side of me and why not? We all love India? Isn’t it and some of them started loving after Coldplay Hymns video 😉 To begin with you must be thinking what does ‘Nazakat’ means?well, it means delicate woman in Arabic.

Before flying to India I thought I would say no to work and will enjoy my holiday. However, I forgot this time it’s bit different for me. Bloggers never ever rest. :O

So on day one I got an opportunity to catch up with Divyani makeup artist. She is based in Lucknow but she travels quite often to New Delhi because of her bridal bookings.
I am a sucker of makeup and I want everything to be on point – no white face, pouty lips, fuller eyelashes and so on. I was a bit baffled when Divyani asked me for a makeup shoot I wasn’t sure at that time, plus this shoot came in between my holiday 😛
But through my pictures below you can clearly see how happy I am and I have a perfect Indian girl look which we all love across globe.
Before I keep here writing here I am up close and personal with Divyani:

1) What were you doing before you got into makeup?
I worked as a cabin crew with jet and indigo airlines.
2) What would you have done if you hadn’t been a make-up artist?
I probably would have been sitting behind a desk doing what I did’nt love (Not that it doesn’t work for others).
3) What advice would you give to someone wanting to become a make-up artist?
Even if you have a natural flair training is important So choose a good academy or guru to learn from.
4) And which element of your job do you most enjoy?
I like how make up enhances the eyes. Since it’s the most expressive. Good eye make up just does it for me.
5) What is in your personal make-up bag?
Lip balm, a mascara and a lip/cheek  tint. Love benefit!
6) Does everyone look better with make-up?
The right kind of makeup. Definitely a yes.
Not that women don’t look absolutely beautiful without it. But it’s a great way to cover some Itsy Bitsy flaws and also adds a lot of glam factor for special occasions


7) If you turn up at a show/shoot and the model has terrible skin, what do you do?
I’d relax. Make up today covers a lot of flaws. I wouldn’t panic at all. So relax ladies! sit back and let us do the rest. 🙂


8) What do you love most about makeup?
I personally love bridal make up. It gives me a different satisfaction when the brides come to me to get ready for their ‘the day’ and leave my studio completely in love with the makeup that feeling is inexplicable.


09) How would you describe your signature look and what is it about your style that sets you apart from other makeup artists?
Less is more. And I truly believe in this concept and abide by it when I create a look for a client. . Make up is about looking bright not white!
10)What kind of makeup is best in hot and humid weather.
Mineral powders and water based foundations are the best for summers.. Don’t forget to remove your makeup too.
11) Mac or Nars?
Can I say both? 😉
12) Liquid foundation or powder?
It depends. In summers mineral powder, and in winter use foundation.
13) Describe makeup in one word
14) What advice would you give to a new make-up artist?
Practice, practice, practice! That’s all 🙂

You can find Divyani here, here and here.

Now coming to the outfit I am wearing Westside Salwaar Kameez, which was at a good price and so does my ethnic earrings as well.  Westside is always on my list whenever it comes to Indian wear. They are trendy, reasonable and vibrant.

Here are a few pictures and if you have any questions in regard to makeup, hairstyle or outfit please feel free to leave your comment below.

Much Love
Sam x



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