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We all take someone close for granted. When that person is next to us, we don’t realize the importance of their existence. The part they are playing in our lives. The meaning they are adding. Have you ever thought what if that person walks out of your life?
Not only that we often take granted the beauty of this world; the flowers, the trees and the water.
Never take someone you love for granted. Hold every person close to your heart because you might wake up one day and realize that you lost a diamond while collecting stones.
Show your love by showering your time, attention, care and by gifting. This might be a small thing for you, but it might mean the whole world to someone.

We officially entered Taurus zodiac month and you won’t believe most of my friends including me and my partner we are all under the same zodiac. This means loads of gift buying this month and less saving :O

But I am opting out flowers and chocolates. These are lovely gifting, but they don’t scream ‘I put loads of thought into this’! Every Tom, Dick and Harry will be rushing to grab a depressed bunch of tulips that probably won’t survive the journey back to the car. Even if you splash out on a fancy bouquet and a box of luxury chocolates, it’s still a cop-out. So it’s a big NO for me.

I am glad Shein came to my total rescue at the perfect time of the year with an amazing sale on their website. And good news to my US-based followers this sale is especially for mothers day which is on 14th May (only in the US)
I am taking full use of this amazing sale for buying gifts for birthdays and you can do it too by buying gifts for mother’s day, anniversary, birthday or maybe for someone’s leaving party.

I have jotted some super stylish pieces below for your help.


Click Here For Bags


Click Here For Outfits


Click Here for Shoes

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