There was a time when I used to hate wearing leather jackets, but how time change and now I am totally obsessed. You must have seen me wearing a black jacket in my previous posts.
Lately, I was hunting to buy a new pair of the jacket, but this time I was a bit open to trying different colors. After looking a couple of brands and getting disappointed every time I went to try my luck for the last time. Then I got this super soft and red jacket from Zara  (it’s not original leather, though!)

Finding a perfect jacket is like finding a car and it’s an investment which you will love it.  I have to buy a pink jacket now and Zara got blush pink in this same jacket, but I am in bit dilemma to buy the same style or should I look around for different brands?  If not I might end up buying this and why not? I absolutely love everything about this jacket.

Here are a few pictures of one of my most casual days and roaming around with my squad in beautiful mews of London.

Let me know how you will style this jacket.

Sam x

leather leather img_7630 leather leather leather leather leather leather leather

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