Let’s Have A Catch Up

Oh, hello there

Me putting my hands up high in the air and admitting I was in top 100 worst bloggers of all time since last few weeks.

You must have noticed I promised few blogs before till date they never went live. To be honest, they are on my website but it took me ages to push the public button (LOL JK)

I have 50 unread emails, no photo shoots lately and my laundry is piling up in the corner.

What the hell Samara, Sort Your Life Out

It’s not that I was sitting at home and filing my nails and thinking of not working on the blog. But genuinely speaking, I was extremely busy at work. I mean EXTREMELY that I passed out on my bed after work every day and over the weekend I was travelling or doing some activities.
In between all these, I was ill as well, which took longer for me to catch up with work.

Some people hate being called ugly, some hate being called clumsy, but I hate being called lazy. I hate it when somebody says or thinks I am not working hard or I lost the track. But once in a while, there is a time when you can’t give you 100% and you have to step back and be happy in giving 40% in a little time to catch up with your life. Especially when you are in a relationship and when you have an amazing family and friends. When there are other responsibilities and priorities.

So what you guys missed so far is my birthday pictures (though I put few on Instagram stories), helicopter ride and day out in a boat and lastly, pictures of my McDonald’s new york steak burger (their new menu is awesome!) 😀

Hopefully, from the next week, things will start coming back to normal and I thank you, everyone, for your tremendous support. You are the sassiest, kindest and loveliest readers of all time

Coming to the outfit quickly I am wearing playsuit from Shein Official. I adore the pattern, colour and the quality of this outfit. You can wear this with sneakers for a cool, casual look or pair it with heels for a sassy look.

You can find this playsuit:  HERE


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